Lifecycle Manager for APIs

Lifecycle Manager™ enables enterprises to manage the entire process of designing, developing, deploying, versioning and retiring APIs. It provides visibility into what APIs, services and other software assets exist, how they’re related to each other and how each fits into a company’s business and technical landscape. By providing a context for understanding and assessing existing software assets and automating SDLC processes for new APIs and services, Lifecycle Manager delivers APIs and services that are connected to the enterprise’s broad set of existing software capabilities.

Lifecycle Manager™ is an industry-leading API lifecycle management platform that automates machine- and role-based validations and signoffs across the software development lifecycle. Enterprises must be able to track all of the elements of their API and services architecture, changing them as needed while maintaining a clear understanding of underlying interdependencies. This holistic perspective can only be achieved through effective Development Governance.

Lifecycle Manager Capabilities:

Lifecycle Manager’s strong integration with leading Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), Source Code Management platform (SCMs) and other development tools, and its extensive integration with SOA Software’s Community Manager and API Gateway enables customers to rapidly develop, govern and deploy APIs, services and their supporting assets within the API lifecycle. Lifecycle Manager is used by Fortune 500 customers to drive application agility, reduce cost and mitigate risk in their API initiatives.

The loosely-coupled nature of APIs in particular demands effective development governance, and the most effective way to discover, access and govern APIs, services and other software assets is with SOA Software’s Lifecycle Manager.

Lifecycle Manager’s API and service governance platform addresses core issues for any API initiative:

  • Ensure standards and practices are followed as every API moves through its lifecycle.
  • Define and track multiple API and service versions and the dependencies on those versions throughout a governed deprecation and retirement process.
  • Identify what legacy assets are needed to support the capabilities of corresponding APIs or services.
  • Leverage open source, IBM and Microsoft based application development tools in a deeply integrated manner.
  • Automatically provision APIs and services to SOA Software’s leading API management products while applying runtime monitoring, security and privacy policies selected over the course of executing the enterprise’s defined SDLC.

Complementing Lifecycle Manager is Portfolio Manager™, an innovative Planning Governance product, that helps ensure the alignment of API and SOA Programs with strategic IT investment and business objectives and make sure that enterprises build the right services at the right time.

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